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    About the artist. 

Zachary Rushing is an emerging vocalist on the Canadian music scene. A transplant to Winnipeg, via Seattle, Washington, he brings with him a seasoned sound rich in varied influences and styles. He has performed musical theater, contemporary pop, classical and more, though he is most at home with the jazz tradition stemming from the Great American Songbook. His sound is influenced by Sarah Vaughan, Betty Carter, Joni Mitchell and more, but his individual perspective gives him the ability to reinvent their traditions into something entirely fresh and new. An avid musical explorer, he enjoys pushing the limits of what it means to be a jazz vocalist by exploring underrepresented work in the jazz canon, and rearranging unconventional material for more traditional ensembles. 


Zachary lives in Wolseley with his partner and his lovable furry friends Rufus and Porter.  



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